ATF 41F Explained

ATF 41F Explained ATF 41F has taken effect. Here is what you NEED to know. The dreaded day is here, but it isn’t as bad as it could have been. On January 4, 2016, the Obama administration released the final version of the long dreaded rule change, ATF Rule 41F, which addresses how the ATF […]

NFA Myths

NFA Myths How are the internet, Bigfoot, and the NFA related? Bigfoot sightings are surprisingly common. So is internet information regarding machine guns, silencers, short barrel rifles, and short barrel shotguns. The two are often equally reliable. Unfortunately, a large percentage of the information on the internet about the legality of machine guns and silencers […]

What is the National Firearms Act?

What is the National Firearms Act? If you can legally own a gun, you can legally own a machine gun. Yes, really. Federal law says that you can! The National Firearms Act (“NFA”) governs the purchase and possession of certain types of firearms, namely: Silencers (commonly called “suppressors” or “cans”) Short barreled rifles (barrel length […]

4473 Background Checks

4473 Background Checks Many people are surprised to find out that they failed their background check when trying to purchase a firearm. There are a number of reasons this can happen ranging from criminal records to clerical errors. Here in this article we’ll explore the various reasons one may fail their 4473 background check. What […]

What is a NFA Gun Trust?

What is a NFA Gun Trust? Gun Trusts are special legal instruments that are designed from the ground up to acquire, hold, and allow the legal use of firearms, particularly those firearms that are regulation by the National Firearms Act (NFA). Learn more about the NFA on this link. If someone wants to buy machine […]